Re-assessing your Space While it’s Empty

With the threat of the COVID-19 virus, our society has been temporarily transformed. While everyone is working to make the best of it, lots of otherwise crowded spaces have been left empty. If you own, rent, operate or manage a space that’s currently empty or not working at capacity, this article has been written for you.

our advice: use this time and the fact that your space is empty or mostly empty to re-assess it and optimize it. Re-assessing your space will allow for proper planning of furniture, inventory and equipment. All spaces, whether already in operation or newly built and renovated/remodeled  call for efficient optimization and smart interior layout. At IFTI, we created our 3D PROvision solution to allow all facilities owners and operators to thoroughly assess their space, minimize operating costs and grow potential revenue.

Let’s go through the re-assessing process using the IFTI 3D PROvision solution.

Organize your Floor Plan.

IFTI PROvision delivers a 3D digital walkthrough of your space, along with a floor plan, all easily accessible on our cloud. Having the ability to view, share and add comments on your digital 3D scans will allow you to optimize your facilities and to thoroughly work out space for your inventory, furniture and equipment layout, and organize future work, renovations and design upgrades if needed. Redoing your floor plans while your space is still empty allows you to start an optimization process that may not have taken place if your space was functioning at full capacity, and doing so could save you in operating costs going forward and allow you to take full advantage of your facility’s revenue potential.

If you had been operating your space before this crisis, you can use our scans to plan and execute any remodel or renovation work you’d have had to close your space for before, and thus work to optimize your space to it’s full potential.

Plan Out your Furniture, Equipment and Inventory 

Having these comprehensive 3-dimensional walkthroughs, allows you to plan out your physical asset storage. Whether it be the furniture, equipment, or inventory, you can geometrically compartmentalize and reposition your physical assets based on these high resolution virtual blueprints and plan out the storage space it requires. Upgrading your visual merchandising plan is surely one of the keys to reducing your operating costs and maximizing your potential gains.

Create your Marketing and Sales Plans

Having these comprehensive 3D assets, allows for a wide range of sales and marketing opportunities for your business. While your space is still empty, you should look to capitalize on these virtual assets. This is done by re-assessing the areas and features of your space that are the most befitting for sales and marketing purposes. In addition, you will be able to use those assets (HD pictures and 3D walkthrough) to upgrade your digital marketing assets going forward – your website, social media strategy, etc…

Reassure Your Customers By Giving Them Access To Your Space Before They Visit It

The PROvision digital scan can even be connected to Google Street View, to allow potential customer to visit your space virtually before coming in person. This is a very unique feature specific to our solution, which would strengthen your offer as we slowly start to resume normal operations. Your customers would have the ability to visit your space and be reassured that all the necessary safety measures as in place for them to safely visit your business.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or more information regarding our PROvision solution.

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