How to Use IFTI PROvision for Marketing and Advertising

At IFTI, we initially developed our PROvision 3D imaging solution for newly built spaces and remodeling projects. Our technicians will scan your spaces and create a virtual 3D walkthroughs of your space and physical hard-copy blueprints. You can leverage that asset beyond the management of you renovation of space improvement project, by using the 3D walkthrough to market and advertise your business.

Let’s discuss how to use the IFTI PROvision solution for your businesses marketing efforts.

HD Photos & Video Marketing

Amongst the beneficial uses of your virtual walkthroughs, video marketing is one which we highly recommend. Video marketing has arguably been the most effective marketing tactic over the past decade and most established companies make extensive use of it. Any good marketing campaign will cover multiple medias, including high quality videos. Once your scans are captured and processed, yourself and all stakeholders will have access to that virtual 3D walkthrough of your space.

Social Media: You can display your new HD pictures and the comprehensive virtual walkthroughs of your spaces on your company’s social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. This will easily engage current and potential customers who are scrolling through their news feeds on social media, by proving them with something really unique. Please note that you can create a version of the scan specifically to be shared, by removing access to some parts of your spaces for example.

Website: The same is true for your website. Whether it be on your home screen or a particular landing page, we recommend you post these pictures, videos and even the walkthrough directly on your website.  These state-of-the-art walkthroughs will accurately display your space on your website and act as a catalyst for generating consumer interest in your location. Having the ability to watch and engage with high resolution facilities walkthroughs is very beneficial to grasp potential customer’s interest and provides them with a great deal of insight into your space.

Interactive content: Similar in many ways but different to video marketing, interactive “doll house” views are another great way to advertise your space to potential customers. For these dollhouse views, you can actively interact with the virtual walkthrough and scroll through the space as you please. This is a valuable feature to have present for your operations and merchandising teams, but it is also incredibly valuable for your customers as well. Interactive dollhouse views are a fun, easy and engaging way to display your space and bring it to life for your customers. We recommend for this to be used on your website.

Now the truly unique part: Google Street View

Believe it or not, your virtual space can be synced to Google Street View to be digitally viewed by anyone across the globe. Google Street View is an interactive platform where you can scroll through a given street location around the world and view high resolution walkthroughs of that area. Not only can you view the street outside of your location, but with IFTI PROvision walkthroughs, you can view and interact with your built space as well. This is a very unique and ingenious way of displaying your location and it vastly expands your customer reach.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss all the marketing and advertising opportunities of the PROvision 3D scan. We’re here to help!

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