IFTI PROvision 3D imaging brings Google Street Views to 3D life

An IFTI PROvision CASE STUDY – 3D IMAGING BRINGS GOOGLE STREET VIEW TO 3D LIFE   THE CLIENT: Riverbend Village Dental Care, A community oriented dental practice in North Carolina.    BACKGROUND: Riverbend Village Dental Care is a neighborhood dental practice in North Carolina that has invested in the latest, state-of-the-art dental technology to offer […]

8 Most Interesting Ideas to Amp Up Your Marketing Efforts with IFTI PROvision

For marketers, the new normal is around creating great digital user experiences that help people imagine the benefit of your product or service. Among the many marketing tactics one can deploy, expressing your brand in a digitally interesting way is key to drive more demand and potential sales by differentiating yourself from your competition. From […]

How to Use IFTI PROvision for Remodel Project

If you’re looking to renovate or remodel your space, then you’ve come to the right place. At IFTI, we specialize in helping companies remodel their space in a smarter, more efficient way: by giving them access to 3D digital walkthroughs of their space that allow them to perfectly and easily plan the whole project. Our […]

How to Use IFTI PROvision for Ongoing Construction Monitoring

Construction is a field where many potential issues can easily fall by the wayside and lead to scheduling delays, cancelled projects, construction mishaps, facility damages, budgets exploding out of control, and more. Every renovation, remodel, or newly built construction project needs to be monitored with proper precautions and accurate feedback & data documentation. IFTI’s PROvision […]

Re-assessing your Space While it’s Empty

With the threat of the COVID-19 virus, our society has been temporarily transformed. While everyone is working to make the best of it, lots of otherwise crowded spaces have been left empty. If you own, rent, operate or manage a space that’s currently empty or not working at capacity, this article has been written for […]

How to Use IFTI PROvision for Marketing and Advertising

At IFTI, we initially developed our PROvision 3D imaging solution for newly built spaces and remodeling projects. Our technicians will scan your spaces and create a virtual 3D walkthroughs of your space and physical hard-copy blueprints. You can leverage that asset beyond the management of you renovation of space improvement project, by using the 3D […]

Optimize your spaces with IFTI PROvision

Since 1997, IFTI has been delivering state-of-the-arts Professional Solutions, including its flagship solutions Concrete Moisture Testing. With the addition of PROvision 3D imaging solution, IFTI is the first to offer clients a comprehensive professional and scalable approach to manage all their facilities and projects from planning to building to operation. Phase 4: Optimize Now that […]