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Featuring: TWH Basement Mech/Elec Room
3D Walkthrough view of the space


A virtual 3D scan of all the space(s) you manage gives you permanent access to all the important layout and mechanical information for your space, from the construction to the ongoing facilities management and machinery maintenance.

The scan allows you to effectively plan renovations, ongoing maintenance, train and align your different teams, and let you monitor the state of all the assets. ​

We deliver value

across all facilities management projects


With our PROvision solution, you will have access to a 3D scan of all your space, with all the layout and size information. All through a single, simple to use secure portal. 

You will be able to monitor the evolution of your facilities, the state of the infrastructure and the machinery, and all the ongoing renovation and maintenance projects. Even if you have facilities in every single state. 


You will be able to leverage the 3D scans of your spaces for asset and machinery documentation & maintenance purposes. 

You can add on each scan information points for all your machines, tools, and other assets. That way, everyone on the team has access to the updated maintenance logs, training manuals, and asset documentation right away.


We understand the challenges of bringing new team members on board and the process of training them. 

With the 3D scans, you can safely train new members by giving them access to the full space walkthroughs, which contains all the appropriate information points for each space and all its assets. 

That way, any addition to your crew becomes operational in no time.

navigate a scan

Mechanical & Electrical room

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PROvision at work

We deliver a professional 3D solution to help you efficiently launch, monitor and update all your retail spaces in the US and Canada.

View of the asset documentations added to the 3D scan.

"Facilities management teams also gain the benefit of having critical maintenance information, including in-wall documentation, in an easy-to-navigate format, so even small-scale redesigns, store planning, and floor moves are executed to best suit the space."

–Joe Everly, IFTI PROvision

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