How to Use IFTI PROvision for Remodel Project

If you’re looking to renovate or remodel your space, then you’ve come to the right place. At IFTI, we specialize in helping companies remodel their space in a smarter, more efficient way: by giving them access to 3D digital walkthroughs of their space that allow them to perfectly and easily plan the whole project. Our IFTI PROvision solution can properly help you plan and execute your remodeling project with the utmost precision.

Here we will discuss how to use IFTI PROvision solution for your remodel project. Let’s get into it.


Planning your Remodeling

Our 3D scans provide detailed information about your space. After every 3D imaging job, once the captures are developed into a 3D walkthrough, all stakeholders receive access to both the print assets (measurements & blueprints) and the virtual walkthroughs. Use them to obtain precise quotes from vendors, manage your subcontractors and first and foremost re-arrange and re-design the space before you start the actual remodeling process.

Save Time and Costs

Instead of hiring expensive architects, engineers and designers to come in multiple times, hiring a dependable third-party digital surveyor like IFTI for a one-time 3D scan, can help you save on business costs. Having digital blueprints also mitigates scheduling delays and makes stakeholder feedback and decision making much easier and less costly. Your remodeling designs can be approved much quicker and allow for you to move forward much sooner.

Organize your Floor plan

Another integral role of IFTI’s 3D imaging is being able to organize or rework your floor plan. Floor plans are a major step for any construction project, and the more precise and comprehensive the blueprints are, the stronger your floor plans will be. Having detailed virtual assets, provides the necessary data for your team and all stakeholders to make stronger and more informed floor plan decisions.


Assist with Marketing Plans 

Having digital assets affords you many marketing opportunities for your website, social media and more. The virtual walkthrough is great for video advertising, website pictures, social media marketing, interactive dollhouse views, and even Google Street View. You can make your virtual walkthroughs open to the public and share it with the world. This is so that potential customers can view your space from anywhere. This has proven to be a very advantageous use of IFTI’s 3D PROvision services.

If you’re going through the process of remodeling a customer facing space, you should leverage our scans to get a stronger ROI much faster!

Assist with Merchandising Teams

Your digital measurements will provide your business with the necessary tools to organize your facility’s merchandise. You will easily be able to coordinate your merchandising teams and move around all necessary equipment and inventory based on the virtual model. This will massively save you the time and money that it would’ve cost to hire a private contractor, to come in and collect measurements.

PS: Consider running a Concrete Moisture Test

IFTI is a nationwide leader of professional solutions. In addition to our PROvision solution described above, we made our name with our flagship CMT solution (Concrete moisture testing). If you’re planning to remodel your space, consider running a moisture test of your concrete slab – especially if you had a flooring failure and that’s one of the reasons why you’re remodeling – before you install the new flooring.

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