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Featuring: US Bank Project - Saint Cloud, MN
Inside view of the space from the IFTI PROvision scan


A virtual 3D scan of all your space(s) gives you all the up to date visual and dimensional information (size and layout) you need to conduct all projects, from construction to space management.

The data from a 3D scan can be used for scores of applications by all the departments of your real estate company, from Architects (As- Builts), Marketing (3D content) and Sales (Virtual Site Visits).

We deliver value

across all real estate projects


Use our PROvision solution to more effectively monitor your spaces, from the construction to the sale. The 3D scan help align all stakeholder, showcase the space to potential buyers, and optimize all efforts.


Our solution allow you to efficiently plan & monitor the evolution of your real estate development and construction projects using our advanced up-to-date 3D scans. 



Optimize the management, marketing and the sale of all your spaces and their facilities with informative 3D walkthroughs, that can be easily shared with stakeholders and potential buyers.

PROvision in action

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PROvision at work

We deliver a professional 3D solution to help you efficiently launch, optimize, monitor and update all your spaces in the US and Canada, whether it's 1 space or 10,000.

Featuring: US Bank - Saint Cloud, MN
Outside view of the space from the IFTI PROvision scan

"IFTI has over 300 technicians across US & Canada. We will collect all the visual and dimensional spatial information for all your spaces through 3D scans, and package them into a secure, easy to use portal, for all your teams to use."

–Mike Reilly, IFTI PROvision

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