8 Most Interesting Ideas to Amp Up Your Marketing Efforts with IFTI PROvision

8 Most Interesting Ideas to Amp Up Your Marketing Efforts with IFTI PROvision

For all marketing efforts, the new normal is around creating great digital user experiences that help people imagine the benefit of your product or service. Among the many marketing tactics one can deploy, expressing your brand in a digitally interesting way is key to drive more demand and potential sales by differentiating yourself from your competition. From events to retail marketing – everything marketers did before the Pandemic needs a fresh look that allows Brands to delight customers even as we adapt to the new real-world reality.

This is why all marketing efforts can use IFTI’s 3D imaging for their marketing programs in new ways. Why now? The latest applications of 3D imaging are based on powerful technologies that make 3D imaging more cost efficient than ever before making it easy to deploy and scale for businesses of any size.

These ideas can inspire you to take your marketing efforts to the next level, and be more competitive.

1 Digital Conferences with a twist

Creating real world conference that are interesting and dynamic is hard. Creating digital conference that people will pay attention to is very very hard. 3D imaging can be used to introduce “meditative spaces” within the agenda of the conference. Perhaps it is a virtual tour of a calming meditative place where users are immersed in the environment. Or it can be more tactically aligned with the conference topic through a virtual tour of a factory or retail environment.  Conference producers can even charge for new types of “virtual exhibits” to sponsors who can utilize 3D imaging to represent their products and solutions.

2 Real estate “intimacy” tours

Telling the “story” of a new real estate property is a key part of the selling process. A new technique to tell the story of the property is to use 3D imaging so property owners can create a historical timeline of the property to share with potential buyers. This 3D timeline story would highlight all the amenities that were conceived from the beginning and built into the property. This level of “property intimacy selling” creates an ownable brand experience that prospects will remember above other options they may be considering. For inspiration, check out:   https://provision.ifti.com/we-deliver-value-through-all-the-phases-of-your-projects/

3 Taking “digital billboards” to the next level

Billboards were one of the first types of advertising so it is no surprise they continue to thrive and have gone digital. This presents a new opportunity to use 3D imaging to create a 3D experience in a billboard format. This virtual experience gives people a preview of what they can expect before they come to your location. Billboards, as a powerful hyper local marketing tool, reliably delivers new traffic for any retail operation and by using 3D imaging, you can deliver a new and immersive billboard experience – digitally.

4 Putting the visual into visual merchandising

Like billboards, store displays have been around a long time to give people an idea of what they can expect inside. Taking that concept and amping it up means creating a 3D mirror of a retail space as a store display. The visual interest will create new visibility for the store or restaurant even when the location is closed.

5 Google Street View with a 3D flair

Many marketing efforts use Google Street View for extra visibility so imagine how much more impactful a 3D view of your business would be just at the moment when people are looking for you. Through our network of 3D imaging specialists, you can create a new dimension to your Google Street View listing that is memorable and able to convert into activities that drive revenue for your business.

6 The new “show me” immersive customer experience for hospitality, travel and event spaces

From restaurants to bars, customers want to come but they want some idea of what to expect given the challenges of going outside. With 3D imaging, you can create such realistic views of your business that it is like a mirror of your business. 3D imaging removes the uncertainty that may constrain customers from venturing out. See what we mean here: https://provision.ifti.com/retail-and-hospitality/

7 Home design 3D showrooms that are designed to sell

Most consumers need some help imagining how a fixture or floor covering or furniture item might look in everyday living. One easy approach is to create a 3D Digital showroom where consumers can take a tour of rooms you already have constructed that feature key products. These tours can allow consumers to see home design merchandise in the context of a real home environment.

8 3D Product Tours That Become Your Virtual Sales Team

Many products, like luggage or electronics, can benefit from a virtualized, 3D product tour. By imaging how a consumer might use a product, 3D can be economically used to highlight product features and inform a consumer about advanced functionality. By giving consumers your vision for why your product stands above the competition, they can convert more efficiently on their own terms.

From real estate to hotels and product tours, you can elevate the profile of your business with 3D technology to increase bookings, drive more sales, store traffic and increase overall conversion rates. Integrating 3D imaging technology used to be hard and only the largest companies could afford it. With IFTI’s proprietary nationwide network of 3D imaging specialist, this breakthrough technology is accessible for business of all sizes. For more information, please reach out directly at 800-919-3098

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