IFTI PROvision Solution – Outline and Benefits

What is IFTI PROvision 3D Imaging?

 IFTI’s PROvision is a 3D imaging solution that scans your facilities and captures its 3-dimensional blueprints in a clean, life-like & easy to use walkthrough. Using state-of-the-art technology, these virtual scans are created very quickly, and will present a comprehensive walkthrough of your space. Data from our 3D scans can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as assisting with floor plans design, creating interactive 3D content, generating virtual building models & interactive dollhouse views, and creating in-wall documentation. These virtual walkthroughs also allow for others to view your facilities from anywhere around the world – while keeping you in control of that information.

How Does the Technology Work?

One of our IFTI Certified Technicians will bring in our infrared light camera to your building’s location. Upon arrival, the camera is fixed on a tripod and will spin around to conduct a quick 360-degree scan by taking successive scans of your space. Once the technician conducts the first scan, the camera is moved 7 feet over to conduct the next scan. This process is repeated until the whole space is covered. Once all the 3D photos and data is gathered, the software will knit together all of the captures to create a virtual 3-dimensional walkthrough of your space.


Benefits of 3D PROvision

IFTI’s PROvision solution can be utilized to benefit many different facets of your business and save you resources in the short and long term. To name a few, some of these benefits include – property damage prevention, sales & marketing plans, comprehensive floor plans, organizing merchandising teams, etc…

Let’s summarize these benefits…

Damage Prevention: Any building and facility will undergo, at some point in its life, some form of degradation. They can be sudden due to circumstances outside of your complete control (flood, tornado…) or just happen over time, due normal, sustained daily operation. At IFTI, we believe that most property damages can be prevented or at least alleviated, when they are handled at the right time.  In order to do, one needs comprehensive data and intelligence about the facility or network of facilities under its management. The PROvision solution is the best way to have access to complete information about the status and state of your spaces. It will empower you to protect your facilities from further damage, and allow you to schedule renovations, upgrades and improvements at the right time.

Floor Plan: Aside from damage prevention and management, our scans will help you draft an outstanding 3D floor plan. 3D Floor plans are a necessity and require detailed precision and accuracy. With the PROvision solution, you get precise geometric blueprints of your built space. First and foremost, you get an easy to use, life like dimensional asset that you can use and leverage for all your projects going forward.

Merchandising: One of the main, easiest return on investment you can leverage with your new asset is a deep improvement of your facility’s merchandising setup. Whether it be inventory management, equipment, furniture or sell booths and stands, your geometric blueprints will assist your merchandising team in positioning your physical assets in their most optimized location, thus maximizing your space and improving your facilities ROI. All of the 3D scans and blueprints can easily be virtually accessed and used by all relevant stakeholders in your project.

Sales & Marketing Plan: Having detailed virtual assets presents your business with many sales and marketing opportunities to capitalize on. You can use these virtual blueprints on your website, to create banner and video ads, quality content on your site, detailed sales presentations, interactive dollhouse views, social media campaigns and many other marketing tactics. This is a very creative and lucrative benefit that can definitely anchor or strengthen your businesses sales and marketing efforts.

In short, PROvision delivers a quality asset and data with unlimited applications. Reach out to us directly to learn more.

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