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IFTI PROvision Delivers Value Through All The Phases Of Your Projects

From Planning to Operations

Get ROI across all phases of your projects

Use our scan to cost efficiently plan, build, operate and optimize all your spaces, in all 50 states.

  • Plan
  • Build
  • Operate
  • Optimize


Get a 3D Digital Copy of your space to plan your next project.
  • Quote your project more accurately.
  • Reduce your planning costs and planing time.
  • Identify potential planning issues in advance. 
  • Save on travel costs.
  • Document and share the project across all stakeholders.


Get a 3D Digital Copy of your space to monitor your construction & remodel projects.

  • Monitor progress, for each stage of the build.
  • Visually verify that milestones are actually achieved.
  • Monitor your spaces for security and compliance.
  • Report on the project and share with all stakeholders.


A 3D Digital Copy of your space gives you the tools you need to operate, manage & maintain your spaces.

  • Manage and document all your mechanical asset.
  • Have a real report on the status of your facilities.
  • Document all your spaces and their evolution.
  • Train all the new team members.


A clear PROvision scan will help you optimize all your spaces and marketing efforts.

  • Reoganize Visual Merchandising teams.
  • Leverage it for sale and marketing projects.
  • Organize your space and optimize the floor plan.
  • Plan space upgrades and new equipment purchases.

Here's how it works:

GET A QUOTE. Reach out to us to get a no obligation quote from our team, for one or multiple spaces. We take pride in our nationwide fixed pricing, with no hidden fees.

SCHEDULE THE WALKTHROUGH of your space(s) with our technicians. We will scan all your spaces, anywhere in the US, all within a week.

GET ACCESS TO THE 3D SCANS on your own secure Matterport portal. All in one place, easy to use, organized and secured. You can share access with all your project stakeholders.

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PROvision at work

A network of over 300 technicians across the U.S. & Canada, reduce costs by eliminating travel expenses, because now PROVision clients have the ability to view the data they need to make decisions from the convenience of their home or office.

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