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Plan your projects with IFTI PROvision

Since 1997, IFTI has been delivering state-of-the-arts Professional Solutions, including its flagship solutions Concrete Moisture Testing. With the addition of PROvision 3D imaging solution, IFTI is the first to offer clients a comprehensive professional and scalable approach to manage all their facilities and projects from planning to building to operation.

Phase 1: Planning

Every project starts with the planning phase. IFTI PROvision solution can help document, inform and optimize the planning of any project, from new constructions to remodels.

IFTI PROvision delivers a 3D scan of your space of your space, a digital walkthrough that you will be able to use to:


  1. Quote your projects more accurately.

IFTI’s solution give you real world information about the state of your project, delivers CAD plans and mechanical information about your space to help you simplify every step of the planning process. They will also allow you to get better, more accurate quotes from all your vendors, and manage all the subcontractors. The completed scans are easy to share with all the stakeholders of your project, including designers, architects, engineers and all the contractors you’re lining up for the job.



  1. Identify potential planning issues.

On the scans, you will be able to digitally stroll through the entire location with ease and assess the potential areas of concern. Our comprehensive scans will detect these areas of concern, and allow you to mitigate and prevent these issues before they arise. This will help save you from costly construction fixes.



  1. Save time and planning costs.

Hiring a trusted third-party digital surveyor like IFTI, as opposed to bringing in an expensive site supervisor or flying your engineers/architects/designer to the job site multiple times, can help mitigate business costs. This can also cut costs for decision making and receiving feedback from project stakeholders. All the facilities blueprints can be readily accessed by all relevant stakeholders at any point of time.

Having virtual blueprints leads to much less scheduling and last-minute project delays. All parties involved will have viewable access to explore the space from the convenience of their computer. This will also get your designs approved much quicker, so you can launch your project a lot sooner.



  1. Easily document and share the project.

You will gain insights into your designated location before the construction/ remodeling process starts, to help identify early conflicts before they arise. This will massively save your business from costly conflicts, delays and mishaps during the construction process. This will also shorten the time it will take to document images and provide contractors with highly accurate measurements. This process supersedes manual approaches and produces thoroughly inspected work, which will expedite the overall build time for your project.



  1. Assist facilities teams.

3D imaging of your business’s facilities, will help you gain insight as to how to plan out and navigate your construction project. These set of plans can easily be read and understood by anyone regardless of familiarity with the space. The data from the 3D imaging scans can then be repurposed to create photo and video galleries, floorplans, dollhouse views, and measurements of your facility. This ensures the simplicity for understanding the space, regardless of who is assessing the site. These scans will allow you to create historical data about your projects, which will significantly help the handoff to the client and the facilities management teams.



A virtual 3D analysis of your facilities ensures the trust you need to advance with future renovations and remodeling. Your 3D blueprints will present the mechanical and structural data needed to arrange proposals that are scoped and scheduled accurately. Rather than relying on incomplete or out of date estimations, 3D imaging scans can assist in ensuring that your renovation/ remodeling will start and end on time, and stay within your assigned budget. 


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