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Operate your facilities with IFTI PROvision

Since 1997, IFTI has been delivering state-of-the-arts Professional Solutions, including its flagship solutions Concrete Moisture Testing. With the addition of PROvision 3D imaging solution, IFTI is the first to offer clients a comprehensive professional and scalable approach to manage all their facilities and projects from planning to building to operation.

Phase 3: Operating

Upon successfully planning out and building your project with IFTI’s partnership, the next step would be to begin the operating process. At IFTI, we strive to prepare your business for your construction project so that your facility’s operations can come to fruition. Every newly built, renovated and remodeled space needs to be maintained with proper care and operated thoroughly with accurate data documentation. At IFTI, we created our PROvision solution to deliver exceptional information and ensure optimal operating conditions for all businesses.


The IFTI PROvision 3D scan will give you the tools you need to operate, monitor, manage, and maintain your space(s). Use it to:


  • Manage and document all your mechanical assets.

Keeping a record of all your mechanical assets is an integral part of the documentation process. Use that information to maintain your equipment, keep accurate logs, and train your new team members on the existing machinery. Any and all assets can be included and documented on the scans, from electrical systems to heavy machinery. Our IFTI’s Field technicians will begin on-site 3D scanning and thoroughly document the process and all assets with high resolution photos and precise data documentation.


  • Have a real report on the status of your facilities.

Upon approaching the conclusion of the on-site scanning, the IFTI field technician will upload the print assets/ photo documentation and all of the data into the IFTI’s plaftorm. Once we receive the documentation and data, it will make its way through a scrutinization process. This analysis will be administered by a team of professionals, to safeguard data accuracy. The data and photo documentation will be extensively analyzed and cross-referenced, preceding the final certification. Once the report is fully scrutinized and certified, IFTI’s account manager will forward you the certified  3D Scan, along with other relevant feedback/ documentation. To guarantee the most optimal return on investment and transparency, IFTI’s account managers are available for customer consultation to answer any questions and concerns.

Use the 3D scan and walkthrough to get an update on the status and condition of all your facilities and mechanical assets in real time.


  • Train the new team members.

Now that you have built and/ or renovated your facilities, it’s time to train your new team members and equip them with necessary skills. The team members are the driving force behind any successful project or business. The workplace does not work cohesively without a motivated and well-trained office staff, where everyone contributes to the well-being of the business. There is no better way to train new staff and retrain existing team members than a complete 3D walkthrough of the facilities that includes all the documentation for all the mechanical assets.


A virtual 3D analysis of your facilities ensures the trust you need to advance with future renovations and remodeling. Your 3D blueprints will present the mechanical and structural data needed to arrange proposals that are scoped and scheduled accurately. Rather than relying on incomplete or out of date estimations, 3D imaging scans can assist in ensuring that your renovation/ remodeling will start and end on time, and stay within your assigned budget. 


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