Re-assessing your Space While it’s Empty

With the threat of the COVID-19 virus, our society has been temporarily transformed. While everyone is working to make the best of it, lots of otherwise crowded spaces have been left empty. If you own, rent, operate or manage a space that’s currently empty or not working at capacity, this article has been written for […]

How to Use IFTI PROvision for Marketing and Advertising

At IFTI, we initially developed our PROvision 3D imaging solution for newly built spaces and remodeling projects. Our technicians will scan your spaces and create a virtual 3D walkthroughs of your space and physical hard-copy blueprints. You can leverage that asset beyond the management of you renovation of space improvement project, by using the 3D […]

IFTI PROvision Solution – Outline and Benefits

What is IFTI PROvision 3D Imaging?  IFTI’s PROvision is a 3D imaging solution that scans your facilities and captures its 3-dimensional blueprints in a clean, life-like & easy to use walkthrough. Using state-of-the-art technology, these virtual scans are created very quickly, and will present a comprehensive walkthrough of your space. Data from our 3D scans […]